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Waterproof Motorcycle Seatcover Reviews

  • Waterproof
  • Prolong Seat Life
  • Easily Put on/off.
  • Fits most OEM Seats


Click the MOA logo to read the review published July 2015 in the BMWON magazine

MOA-BMW Waterproof Motorcycle Seat Cover Review

Danny Gray Custom Motorcycle Seats

Letter from Danny Gray

For over forty years I've been building some of the highest quality saddles for bikers around the world, and I've always insisted on using the best materials, especially genuine leater seating surface. The only problem with leather is how it ages through the years of exposure to sunlight, rain, and all the elements the road can throw at you.

Nobody wants to invest in a piece of art for their machine only to see it fade and wrinkle a few thousand miles later. That's why I think of the SplitWeight™ cover not just as an accessory, but as insurance for your seat - wear it on the hard rides and keep your investment looking good as it did the day you put it on your bike.

Ride on, ladies and gentlemen,
Danny Gray

King of Fleece waterproof seat cover

BMW rider Darrell Penning visits with King of Fleece LLC owner Jim Morabito at the 2016 BMWMOA National DAS RALLY in Hamburg, NY.

Darrell has over 700,000 miles on BMW motorcycles and has 100,000 of those on a SplitWeight(tm) waterproof seat cover. The seat cover protects Darrell's seat from Wind, rain, dirt, and dew on his many adventures.

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